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Just a coincidence or a design for the long term?

1. Take a $20 bill and fold it in two through its length....

911 on $20 bill

2. Fold it again as shown below...
(Fold it exactly in this way)

911 on $20 bill

3. Fold the other side similarly to the previous step...
And... voilą! see the PENTAGON in flames!! (red circle)

911 on $20 bill

4. Now... very simple... turn it around.....
And see the WTC smoking....

911 on $20 bill

What a coincidence... This incredible disaster, predicted on every $20 bill !!!!!!!

Actually, if you fold the $5, $10, $50, and $100 bills the same way as shown here for the $20, they all portray the 9/11 attack in the order that it happened, from the WTC towers standing correct in the $5, to smoke in the $100.

You be the judge!

It's not all... you haven't seen this yet...

The pentagon goes up in smoke.

911 on $20 bill
The Twin towers.

911 on $20 bill

...and now... look at this!

911 on $20 bill

Three times predicting 911 on a simple $20 bill !!!!!!!!
And the FBI and CIA tell us it wasn't possible to avoid it !!!!!

Posted by: Veronica.

Also note that:

9 + 11 = 20

The $20 note that can be folded in the ways depicted above is part of a new series of designs, made between 1996-2001, and was first issued in September 1998... See the pict below for comparison.

New and old $20 bills

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