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Masonic and Illuminati symbols
$1 bill
US $1 bill.

With the pyramid + All Seeing Eye on the left and the great seal on the right.
Pyramid & All Seeing Eye on dollar bill
Pyramid & All Seeing Eye of the dollar bill.

The text in Latin at the bottom means: "New Order of The Ages" or "New World Order"!
Pyramid and Eye
Pyramid & All Seeing Eye.
Pyramid + Mason

The word "Mason" is found by drawing a hexagram.
$1 bill
666 on $ bill.

How the number 666 is found through the Roman numerals marked on the base of the pyramid. Simply read from left to right and arrange the numerals in triangles. Add up numerals of each base.
Great seal of America
Great seal of America.

With 13 arrows, 13 leaves, and 13 stripes on the shield, the number 13 symbolizing the Luciferian revolt. And 33 feathers on each of the wings, symbolizing the 33 degrees of freemasonry. The flower of life type symbol on top contains a hexagram.
The Great Seal with a phoenix.

At the origin, a phoenix was used for the seal instead of the eagle. The phoenix amongst other things symbolizes rebirth. Because the Phoenix stands for being destroyed in flames and then rising from the ashes, for the Illuminati it symbolizes Lucifer.
UN emblem
UN emblem.

The UN emblem showing a globe with latitude and longitude lines outlining 33 fields, symbolizing the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.
US flag proposition
US flag proposition.

One of the first propositions for the American (confederates) flag, with the All Seeing Eye.
Aton Rays
Disk of Akhenaten.

In fact, the first proposition of the confederates flag was also inspired on the disc of Akhenaten, represented by rays.
US flag proposition
US flag proposition.

Another proposition for the American flag, also with the All Seeing Eye.
Obelisk Faro

No, this is not a world famous obelisk like those in Washington DC, Paris, or the Vatican, but just one of the zillions that can be found all over the world in other towns outside of Egypt. This one can be found in Faro. The obelisk stands for the male sex and therefore symbolises the male creative principle.
OTO logo
OTO logo.

With a Horus type of All Seeing Eye and an inverted dove, symbol of destruction.
Pope with sun rays
Pope with sun rays.

This is one of the ways the pope used to be depicted. Also think of the rays on the NY "freedom" statue (actually representing Semiramis).
Circle and point logo for Portugese paper
Circle and point logo for Portugese paper.

The circle with a point in the middle is an important freemason and illuminati symbol representing fertility. The point symbolizes the male principle impregnating the female, symbolized by the circle. Here it can be found just before the name of the Portugese version of "The Independent".
St Peter's square with obelisk
St Peter's square with obelisk.

In the middle of the Vatican's St Peter's square an obelisk has been placed. Seen from above the square represents a dot in a circle, thus doubling the fertility symbolism while the segmented circle also refers to the zodiac. Never mind that astrology is outlawed by the Catholic church... The obelisk was originally brought to Rome by Caligula in the 1st century AD, but it was Pope Sixtus V who had it resurrected in this particularly symbolic way in the 16th century.
Masonic G symbol
Major Masonic symbol .

The square represents the male impregnating the female, which is represented by the square. The G stands for "the big architect".
G. Washington in mason gear
G. Washington in mason gear.
G. Washington as Baphomet
G. Washington as Baphomet
Cabletow ritual
Masonic ritual.
Freemasons Hall, London
Freemasons Hall, London.

Major masonic temple in London.
Temple Pannetier-Grand Orient, France
Temple Pannetier-Grand Orient, France.

Masonic temple in Paris, France.
Structure of freemasonry chart
Structure of freemasonry chart.

Note that this chart shows the 33rd degree as the highest degree. However, there are higher degrees that are even secret to most masons.
Memphis 33 logo
Memphis 33 logo

Note the motto "Ordo ab chao", meaning "Order out of chaos". The motto on the banner below means "God and my right".
Déclaration des droits de l'homme
The declaration of human rights

Some Freemasonry influences may typically be considered benificial (although never without also being a double edged sword). One such an example is the declaration of human rights, a specifically masonic endeavour.
Tapestry in Vatican, with all seeing eye
Tapestry in Vatican, with all seeing eye.

Even in the Vatican freemasonic symbols can be found.
Tapestry in Vatican, with enneagram
Tapestry in Vatican, with enneagram

An enneagram is outlined, as well as several other geometric patterns, like Metatron's cube.
Illuminati pyramid structure
Illuminati pyramid structure

Overview of the pyramidal structure that allows the Illuminati to rule the world. Illustration taken from David Icke's "The Biggest Secret".
Washington DC inverted pentagram
Washington DC inverted pentagram.

An inverted pentagram (that is slightly deformed) was designed in the streets around the White House (with the White House at its tip), as well as the image of an owl, both major Illuminati symbols.
Washington DC inverted pentagram
Washington DC inverted pentagram.

With a higher resolution.
Owl of capitol
Capitol owl.

The owl depicted by the streets and park around the Capitol of Washington DC.
Flower of Life variation in Washington's streets
Metatron cube variation in Washington's streets.

The streets of Washington also outline some elements of Metatron's cube, although slightly deformed. For more see this site .
Washington's street pattern as in Flower of Life
Washington's street pattern as in Metatron's cube

This shows a possible version of the actual sacred geometry figure on which Washington's street pattern is based. The dodecahedron of which the pentagon is found in the pattern is Ø/2 times the size it can be found in Metatron's cube . In reality, the pentagon doesn't exactly fit in the tetragon, as can be seen here.
The Eternal Flame.

This is a major Illuminati symbol, found in many, many places and formats. It is often used as a signature by the Illuminati. It symbolizes various things, amongst which Lucifer, the light bearer.
US flag proposal
Bush holding the eternal flame at Prometheus statue.

Olympic Games ceremony with Bush carrying the "eternal flame" - a major Illuminati symbol - at the Prometheus statue - another Illuminati symbol. Prometheus symbolizes the revolt against - what some call - God (in his case: Zeus)... This statue shows Promotheus carrying a lighted torch: the eternal flame.
Fasces in US congres
Fasces in the American congress.

In the American congress two fasces can be seen hanging on the wall.

The fasces respresents a bundle of twigs bound together with an axe. It symbolizes how individuality is sacrificed for power through collectivity. It's at the origin of the word "fascism"...
NATO swastika
NATO swastika.
The resemblance between the NATO logo and the NAZI swastika should not be seen as a mere coincidence.
Flags backwards on American uniforms
Flags backwards on American uniforms.

The uniforms of the soldiers sent to Iraq are decorated with a reversed American flag. On the one hand this is completely in accord with military protocol, even if being a complete exception to the usual flag code. It appears only on the right arm, and represents the US flag when carried and moving forwards, with the stripes therefore waving backwards behind the pole. On the other hand it conveniently falls in the category of the reversed pentagram, cross, dove, etc... which stand for the Satanic principle.
Guild Hall, London
The entrence of the Guild Hall, London.

Of interest is the seal figuring right beneath the flag above the entrance, representing two winged dragons.
Queen's shield at Guild Hall, London
Queen's shield at Guild Hall, London.

One of the Queen's shields, representing a winged dragon, probably refering to the Queens reptilian decendancy...
Guild Hall, London
Winged dragon at entrance City.

In London winged dragons can be found all over the place. Here is one at the entrance of the City of London, which is the financial centre.
Guild Hall, London
The black sun.

The sun and zodiac circle at the entrance of a financial building in the City of London. The black sun represents the malevolent use of the sun's energy as well as the "galactic sun".
Blavatsky emblem
Blavatsky emblem.

The emblem of the theosophical society, created by Blavatsky.
John Dee Monad
John Dee Monad

Rendition of the elements by John Dee. These can be found in many variations.
Vesica Pescis
Vesica Pescis

The vesica pescis (fish bladder) is formed by the intersection of 2 circles (see inner circles). It's one of the basic principles of sacred geometry.
Eliphas Levi, Solomon seal
Eliphas Levi, Solomon seal.

Containing 4 evangelical symbols within the hexagram.
Artemis & 7 seals
Artemis & 7 seals.

Artemis, with 8 times a hexagram (formed by 7 dots) around him.

The horned god and his hand sign.
The horned god and his hand sign.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.

On a live TV show.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.
Clinton makes the devil sign
Clinton makes the devil sign.
Princes Margaret makes the devil sign
Princes Margaret makes the devil sign.

For a bigger zoom in click here.
Prince William makes the devil sign.
Prince William makes the devil sign.
"I love you" sign.
Sign language for "I love you".
Deaf folks use the devil sign to say "I love you". How cynical...
Bush 3 fingers
Bush signing with three fingers.
Saddam 3 fingers.
Saddam signing with three fingers.
Sign of Excommunication
Sign of Excommunication

This sign is used by several people, including the pope. It signifies ex-communication, in other words cursing the people to whom the sign is made.

The Bushmen

We lie
We lie.

Bush book
Funny picture.

Although this picture is quite funny and could be taken as proof for how retarded Bush jr. is, in fact it's a manipulated pict. For a complete analysis see Urban Legends .
Bush binoculars
The blind leading the blind.

OK, so he did take the lens caps off after a few seconds... it's still stupid, no?
Bush family
Bush family.

The Bushes and oil
The Bushes and oil.

War man
The man who took the world into another war
Bush Piggy
Bush Piggy.

Bush Monky
Bush Monky.

Bush thought
Bush thought.

A bright example.
Bush and Hitler heil
Find the differences.

Bush gives heil Hitler salute
Bush strikes his favorite pose again.

No mistake is possible...
Bush and Masons at a Texas Public School
Bush and Masons at a Texas Public School.

The hoax of the new millenium.
Fake Osama Ben Laden
Fake Osama Ben Laden on CIA video?

This is a comparison between a picture taken from the video that was certified by the CIA as "genuine" and which seems to show a fake Osama "confessing". While we used to believe the footage was entirely fake, in fact it could very well be authentic, as the lack of resemblence seems to be the result of a clumsy conversion of different video formats. Read more about it here.

WTC 1st plane impact video.
The so called "Fireman's Video" shows how the first plane, a Boeing 767, crashed into the North tower of the WTC. You can find a high resolution QuickTime video of the complete segment here, and a high resolution QuickTime video zoom of the impact here.
Source + analysis:
WTC 1st plane impact
WTC 1st plane impact low-res GIF animation.

Unfortunately, some researchers of the 911 events based their analysis of the impact of the 1st plane at the WTC on a poor low-resolution MPEG video file, which led them to conclude a missile was fired just before impact. This is what seems to be seen in this video and this video. However, comparing these files to the high resolution videos of the previous image show that the "puff of smoke" that seems to appear on the low res files is just a digital distortion of the footage.
WTC 2nd plane approaching
WTC 2nd plane just before impact.

The 2nd remotely controlled plane just before it crashes into the WTC. Notice the odd shape under the fuselage, at the level of the wings.
WTC 2nd plane extra reservoir.
WTC 2nd plane extra reservoir.

Was the strange attachment on the plane actually an extra fuel tank filled with gasoline, for creating a big fire and huge media show? Such tanks can be seen on many army aircrafts, but have never been seen on a Boeing 767 which normally has no fittings (so called "hard points") to fix such a tank to... The tank could also have been a pod from which a missile was fired...
WTC 2nd plane approaching
WTC 2nd plane just before impact.

How come a plane could have taken off without anyone noticing the odd extra tank/pod? How probable is it some foreign hijackers "customized" a Boeing 767 in this way for their purpose?
WTC 2nd plane Flash video
WTC 2nd plane just before impact.
This Flash video shows without any doubt there really was a tank or pod of sorts under the plane's fuselage. When carefully looking at the video footage, a fireball can be seen just before impact. This could indicate in fact a missile was fired from the pod or some form of detonation occurred. See footage here and here.
Pod from below
WTC 2nd plane from beneath

This picture clearly shows that an odd asymetrical construction of some sort occurred under the plane's fuselage, and that what can be seen on the images is not just the curious result of light and shadows.
WTC 2nd plane from beneath
WTC 2nd plane from beneath

And if any doubt was left, then this angle definitely shows a tank/pod was fitted under the 767...

Nevertheless, all sides of this matter should be investigated, so also check the fair and thorough analysis of, advancing the thesis that all that can be seen is the wing fairing.
WTC 2nd plane on impact
WTC 2nd plane on impact.

WTC 2nd plane tip fire
WTC 2nd plane's tip "on fire".

On impact, the tip of the 2nd plane seems to be on fire, which is highly abnormal. Was there somehow a detonation?
WTC 2nd plane on impact
WTC 2nd plane in.

Seen from another angle: the plane crashing into the WTC building.
WTC 2nd plane on impact
Missile out?

The fuselage comes out of the other side of the WTC building. Some have suggested that what you see coming out is actually a missile. But looking carefully at the proportions, it's more likely to be the fuselage.
WTC 2nd plane on impact
Missile out exploding?

When looking at the video of these images (which can be found here) the explosion seems to progress in an odd fashion, suggesting the use of extra explosives... Again, it has been suggested this would be the missile exploding, but that doesn't seem very likely.
WTC 2nd plane impact
WTC 2nd plane impact.

The 2nd remotely controlled plane crashes into the WTC. Two things are abnormal about this pict: 1) Planes usually don't explode this way (only in movies they do), unless some type of detonation method is used.
WTC 2nd plane explosion
WTC 2nd plane explosion.

2) Since most of the kerosene (and gazoline from the tank) burned outside the building, as this picture shows, it's quite peculiar there was enough fuel to cause a fire hot enough to make the building's steel beams work enough to let the building fall down...
A devil in the smoke of the WTC fire.
Smoke devil.

In the shapes of the smoke of the WTC fire, a devil can be seen.
Anothere face in the smoke of the WTC fire.
Smoke face.

Another strange face in the smoke of the WTC fire. Source:
Explosives were used
Proof of the use of explosives?

This image seems to show that explosives were used to make the WTC buildings collapse. Notice the characteristic shape of an explosion at the right of the building, a bit below the big cloud of smoke.
Explosives were used
Lines of explosives?

Like the previous pict, according to some these images from a video show lines of explosives were installed. However, notice that the top of the building already shows an inclination when the plumes occur. The inclination could not have been caused by explosives, if detonated at this point. Seismic data records indicate huge bursts of energy shook the ground beneath the WTC just before the towers collapsed. This too is seen by some as proof massive underground explosions occurred, but in fact it could well have been caused by the floors falling upon each other.
Fake Osama Ben Laden
WTC collapses.

The WTC collapses... leaving only a cloud of dust.
WTC cloud of dust
WTC collapses.

The chirurgically precise and "neat" way in which both buildings collapsed, and the short time span between the plane crashes and the collapse of the south and north towers, raises the legitimate suspicion that these were actually controlled demolitions. Could a handful of foreign "terrorists" also have placed the right explosives in both buildings, to achieve such a professional result...?
WTC7 demolition
Was there also a controlled demolotion for WTC7?

While it may not be immediately obvious that explosives were used for the South and North towers of the WTC, it seems totally unlikely explosives were not used for the WTC7 building to go down. This sequence of picts shows how the building went down as it would happen for a perfectly controlled demolition...
WTC7 fire
Small fires in the WTC7 building.

Could these relatively small fires have brought down the WTC7 building?
WTC towers top view
WTC towers top view.

And how come there was a fire at all in the WTC7 building? It was not particularly close to the South and North towers. How come none of the other buildings - some of which closer to the S and N towers - got on fire? Yet another "coincidence" too much...? Note: the WTC7 building stood in the middle of the red circle.
Cessna 172 crash in Tampa, 2002
Cessna 172 crash in Tampa, 2002

In 2002, a Cessna 172 was crashed into a building in Tampa by someone who wanted to imitate the WTC attacks...
UFO at WTC during 2nd plane impact
A UFO at the WTC.

During the 2nd plane impact at the WTC, a UFO was filmed.
Zoom of the WTC UFO
Zoom of the WTC UFO.
WTC UFO animation
UFO animation.

A pict animation of the UFO footage.
Pentagon facade intact 1
Pentagon "crash".

Not only is there NO PLANE to be seen, besides the fire there is also NO DAMAGE to the facade of the Pentagon, except a very small hole.
Pentagon facade intact 2
Pentagon facade virtually intact.
Pentagon facade intact 3
Pentagon facade virtually intact.

Also notice the impeccable condition of the lawn...
Pentagon burning but facade intact
Pentagon burning but facade virtually intact.

Also notice (again) the impeccable condition of the lawn...
Tracks of crashed FedEx boeing 727
Tracks of crashed FedEx boeing 727

This is how a lawn looks after a commercial airliner crashes on it..
Pentagon lawn intact
Pentagon lawn intact.

And this is how the Pentagon's lawn looked at the place of "impact": impeccable!
Pentagon lawn intact
Pentagon lawn intact.

Notice the impeccable condition of the lawn...
Pentagon lawn intact
Pentagon lawn intact.

Notice the impeccable condition of the lawn...

A fireball at where allegedly the plane crashed.
Impact filmed by Pentagon security camera
Impact filmed by Pentagon security camera.

This is supposed to be the moment where the plane impacted into the Pentagon. Where is the plane?
Proportions plane and impact
Proportions plane and impact.

This is how big the plane would be if it would be put into the security camera image.
Rendition of proportions
Rendition of proportions.

This is a rendition of the proportions in the picture.
Other impact angle.
Other impact angle.

But then there are those who try to make us believe the plane impacted with an angle of 45o. But that's impossible, seeing that the facade and roof initially remained intact...
Other impact angle.
Other impact angle - high resolution.

The previous view in high resolution. Try to fit in the plane according to its proportions as depicted in the next picts. Good luck!
CIA briefing on Pentagon "crash"
CIA briefing on Pentagon "crash".

The CIA tried to make us believe the plane crashed slightly off angle. Notice how the plane depicted has virtually NO WINGS! How convenient!!
Proportions of plane and Pentagon
Proportions of plane and Pentagon.

This is how big the wings of the plane would really be.
Proportions of plane and Pentagon
Proportions of plane and Pentagon.

This is how big the plane and its wings would really be. With impact angle of the CIA briefing.
Proportions of plane and Pentagon
Proportions of plane and Pentagon.

This is how big the plane and its wings would really be. With impact angle of the CIA briefing.
Broken wings?
Broken wings theory.

Then there are those who suggest the wings of the 757 actually broke off at impact, therefore fitting the plane through the very small hole. This theory could make sense if only some broken wing (debris) would have been found at the outside of the building, and if the hole would have been higher.
Pentagon plane debris
No wing debris.

There were simply no broken off wings to be found anywhere...
Trajectory through the Pentagon
Trajectory through the Pentagon.

This is the trajectory the alleged plane followed through the Pentagon. Down right of the image you see the small hole it made in the wall at the interior of the Pentagon.
Pentagon plane debris
Hole and debris at the back of the building.

Debris that seems to be fragments of the fuselage of a plane (its nose). In fact , this hole and the scarce debris may well be the only known proof that what crashed into the Pentagon was a cruise missile, made to look like a Boeing 757, and which would have a diameter that fits this hole which was made when the missile exited the building...
Global Hawk
Global Hawk.

The type of missile used could have been the Global Hawk, as many have initially thought. But it could also have been an AGM-86 cruise missile.
Hawk's landing gear?
Hawk's landing gear?

This landing gear was found at the outside of the Pentagon. Was it from the Global Hawk? It looks very much like it, and it surely would be way too small for a Boeing 757...
Landing gears side by side
Gears side by side.

Comparison between the gear that was found and that of the Global Hawk. Nice fit... However, it could be this is just a caddy to transport the red item that can be seen.
Main landing gear 757
Main landing gear 757.

This is what the main landing gear of a Boeing 757 looks like. It doesn't quite look like what was found at the outside of the Pentagon...
Pentagon plane debris inside
Wheel debris inside the Pentagon.

This rim of a wheel that was found inside, however, looks very much like that of a Boeing 757... How did two completely different wheel models end up at the Pentagon "crash"? Was this one brought in aboard the missile? Was it planted there?
Pentagon plane debris inside
Plane tire found inside the Pentagon.

This tire seems to have less profile rings (4) than the 757 tires (which have 6).
Engine debris inside
Engine debris found at the Pentagon.

This seems to be a part of a jet engine. However, it's way too small for a Boeing 757 engine, but typically has the size of a missile engine... Oh, and why did they use a missile? Well, for its precision of course!
Pratt & Whitney Turbofan Engine similar to Boeing's
Pratt & Whitney Turbofan Engine similar to Boeing's.

The engines used by the Boeing 757 are similar to the Pratt and Whitney Turbofan engine seen in this picture, and have almost the same dimensions, being over two meters in diameter, more than twice the diameter of the engine shown in the previous pict.
Wreckage with US flag
Wreckage with US flag.

A piece of wreckage with a US flag drawn on it. It's unclear from what type of vehicle this wreckage could have come. By the way, lest we forget: we're supposed to believe pratically the entire plane was burned to ashes, including metal, synthetic materials (often very fire resistant), etc... which only burn to ashes at extremely high temperatures. Yet "miraculously", the DNA material was found of 63 out of 64 passengers, even though such material is the most likely to have been destroyed the first at such high temperatures!!
Faked picts of trauma victims
Fake picts of trauma victims.

It is certain that these picts are fake. For the full story see this amazing and thorough photoanalysis by Jack White.
Question: if the Pentagon was indeed attacked by some foreign "terrorists", then why was it necessary to make fake picts like these?
Pentagon plane debris
Pentagon debris.

This is practically the only recognisable debris that has been found at the exterior of the Pentagon. Was it planted there? Where is the rest of the plane? Or did this piece of debris come from the missile 757 lookalike? Was this pict in fact "photoshopped"?
Pentagon plane debris
Pentagon debris.

Notice that just as in the previous pict, the Pentagon's facade is perfectly intact...
Pentagon plane debris
Size comparison Pentagon debris.

This picture shows how big the piece of debris actually is. It's almost 1/2 the size it should be if it would come from a real 757...
Pentagon plane debris fitted on plane
Pentagon plane debris fitted on plane.

This picture shows how the piece can be fitted on an American Airlines plane, apart from its actual size that is.
Pentagon plane debris fitted on plane
Pentagon plane debris fitted.

These are some other ways the debris could be made to fit
Pentagon demon
Pentagon demon.

Like for the WTC strikes, at the Pentagon the smoke showed the shape of a demon.
Pentagon plane debris inside
Debris inside the Pentagon.

This seems to be a part of an engine. What engine is it from?
Pentagon plane debris inside
Debris inside the Pentagon.

A part of landing gear.
Pentagon plane debris inside
Debris inside the Pentagon.

More alleged plane wreckage.
Pentagon plane debris inside
Debris inside the Pentagon.

This debris has been confirmed to be a geared rotary actuator of slats coming from a 757. Was it carried into the Pentagon by missile to make it appear a 757 crashed? Was it planted?
Buga crash
Buga crash.

Normally, when planes crash they don't almost completely burn into ashes, as illustrated by this plane that crashed against a mountain at Buga.
Tarom 371 crash at 80 degrees, near Bucharest
Airbus Tarom 371 crash at 80 degrees, near Bucharest

Even if a plane impacts at 80 degrees, as happened here, it doesn't burn to ashes and it does leave lots of debris. The same should have happened for a plane crashing at the Pentagon. The plane that "crashed" in Pensylvania should also have left lots of debris in a limited area instead of the debris being dispersed over several miles. But then, that plane was shot down by white unmarked fighter planes (according to witnesses)...
EL AL 1862 crash, Amsterdam
EL AL 1862 crash, Amsterdam

In 1992 a Boeing 747-200 crashed on a big appartment block in Amsterdam's Bijlmermeer neighborhood. The accident caused a huge fire. Explosions were witnessed shortly after the crash, which were mainly caused by illegal munitions the Israeli plane carried... Also see this report (Dutch). These explosions intensified the fire.
EL AL 1862 crash, Amsterdam
EL AL 1862 crash,
3 days after

Unlike the alleged plane at the Pentagon, the El Al Boeing took down the entire section of the building it crashed on. It also left lots of debris which was rapidly towed away by Israeli secret services (with the help of local authorities) to hide the fact the plane transported munitions and chemicals to produce Sarin gaz...
Pentagon trajectory
Pentagon trajectory

The marks on the grass indicate almost exactly the trajectory of the missile that was shot at the Pentagon. This picture was made on 7 september 2001. Were the marks made to prepare for 911?
Pentagon attack simulation
Simulation Pentagon attack one year before 911

The US authorities and security services stated that no one could ever have imagined attacks such as those on 911. However, the fact is a simulation of just such attacks were carried out exactly one year earlier...
Pentagon attack simulation
Simulation Pentagon attack one year before 911

In fact, excercises of terrorist attacks were carried out all throughout 2001, including on 911.. Just a coincidence? Sure...
Gulf War II - the Movie
Gulf War II - the Movie.

What 911 was meant to result in. Poster by James Neff.
911 on $20 bill
Just a coincidence or a design for the long term?
Bush logic
Bush logic

In fact, a war planned long before he came to power.
USA army sheep
The USA army will do anything, no questions asked...

But they didn't do this, although this picture reflects their conditioned minds pretty well. The picture is tricked. Read about it at Urban Legends.

Some recommended links for more info on 911:

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This stuff doesn't only happen in the USA...


1st dog in space
1st dog in space.

Laika was the first dog ever to go in space. She died within a few hours of orbiting the earth out of its atmosphere, boiled to death, as it should have happened to the Apollo astronauts... Also see this article about how several Russian astronauts died in space, before Gagarin ever made it to go into orbit at a height that was safe.
Two light sources
Two light sources.

Only long after the completion of the Apollo missions did some sharp observers note oddities in the pictures allegedly made on the moon. In this picture, the shadows of the LM and its environment point in different directions, which is impossible if there is a single light-source like the sun.
Two light sources
Two light sources.

Here, the shadows go in different directions. However, this is probably not caused by using 2 different spots, but because of using a big spot that was close to the astronauts, stationed just between them. If the light-source would have been the sun, the shadows would have been parallel.
Fake light on a fake moon
Fake light on a fake moon.

Here, the lighting is focussed on an oddly small area compared to how the sun would lighten the rest.
Photographs on LM pad
Photographs, not foil.

This picture seems to show photographs laying on one of the landing pads of the LM. They can't be the foil, and in theory they couldn't be photographs, as these weren't supposed to have been on the moon! However, they DO seem to show the moon landscape as seen on the mission picts and films, and must probably have been used to compare earlier film/photo shots, but were forgotten by some set-manager... oops...
Shabby LM
Billion dollar LM, or shabby handwork?

Is this the LM that really went to the Moon? If you ever get the chance, then you should also see the original spacesuits from very nearby (like I did during an exposition)! It's about the same kind of "quality product", and would surely not be able to stand some serious rough handling or the supposedly extreme atmospheric conditions of the moon...
Moonrover packed, with tracks
IRREFUTABLE proof of a hoax.

And if the analyses of impossible light angles and various other oddities have led to a certain amount of discussions, with some room for doubt, then this picture certainly settles the matter for good. It is IRREFUTABLE proof that there has indeed been a massive deception by NASA and the government of the USA... This picture is not "doctored", and comes straight from a NASA website. Read and see more of some of the very best photoanalyses of the moon hoax available (and the source of this and previous 2 picts), at 1, 2, 3, 4, and this article.
Two US government hoaxes
"Live" on TV:
do you believe?

Think about the BILLIONS of people that have been fooled by the apollo hoax... If the USA government and its organisations could have pulled off such a thing, then why would they NOT be capable, and - most importantly - willing, to fool the world into believing 9-11 was a genuine "terrorist" attack by foreigners, in which the US government had no part...?
Tip: print this pict as a mini-poster. The original sources for the above picts are 1 and 2.
Bohemian Grove map
Bohemian Grove map.

This is a map of the infamous Bohemian Grove, an Illuminati center where every year several people are ritually sacrificed and/or raped.
Bohemian Grove
Bohemian Grove.

A boat with a victim (or an efigy) arrives.
The source of this as well as the other picts of Bohemian Grove is: . You can also find a chilling video of this ritual at that link.
Bohemian Grove
Bohemian Grove.

Hooded men standing in front of a huge statue of an owl. The owl is a symbol that is linked to Minerva and Athena, a reptilian Godess linked to Anath and Baal. It is also linked to the Sumerian (Anunnaki) Godess Lilith. At the Bohemian grove it is at the centre of a Moloch-type cult, as expressed in this "Cremation of Care" ritual.
Bohemian Grove owl on napkin
Bohemian Grove napkin.

An owl on a Bohemian Grove napkin. More on the owl symbology can be found here.
Dragon Royal
Dragon royals.

This refers to Queen Liz making a very late statement which cleared Princess Diana's butler during his trial on criminal charges and Angus Deayton is a well-known television presenter.
Mother of Darkness castle Belgium
Mother of Darkness castle.

This is the building at the entrance of the so called "Mother of Darkness castle", Muno, at les Amerois, Belgium. In that castle one or more children used to be ritually sacrificed (murdered) EVERY DAY, and it hosted major Satanic initiations, a.o. for the Bushes.
Mother of Darkness castle gate detail
Mother of Darkness castle gate detail.

A detail of the gate.
Mother of Darkness castle entrance
Mother of Darkness castle entrance.

The actual castle where the "dome with a thousand lights" used to be is hidden behind a forest. It appears that recently the ritualistic activities have been moved to another place which is the reason why lately the place is practically unguarded.
Adam Weishaupt
Adam Weishaupt.

On may 1st, 1776, at the request of Meyer Amschel Rothschild, Adam Weishaupt founded the Ancient and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, also called the Bavarian Illuminati. It was a new chapter of the Illuminati that merged with freemasonry, gradually taking over the control of it.
Queen Beatrix at the Bilderberg conference
Queen Beatrix at the Bilderberg conference.

Queen Beatrix at the Bilderberg conference at Versailles, France, may 2003.
Bilderberg conference - notice
Bilderberg conference - notice.

Every year the conference occupies a luxurious resort, chasing away ANYONE not on their guest list, especially reporters, for the time of the conference...
Skull & Bones logo
Skull & Bones logo.

The logo of one of the most influential and select secret societies in the world.
Skull & Bones members
Skull & Bones members.

Bush and Kerry - Bonesmen
Bush and Kerry: Bonesmen.

Having more in common than meets the eye...
Grenzen Europa volgens Vrijmetselaarij
Secret Freemason map of Europe.

This map shows what the Freemason's plans were for a repartitioned Europe, in 1890. The war of 1914-1919 was it's direct result. (Map with Dutch texts, but you'll get the 'picture'...)
Lying with pix
Lying with pix.

Video/computer technology can now alter images real time, as illustrated by these pictures of a baseball match where the ad on the background was changed real time. It's technically possible to show Saddam drinking whiskey...
450 bird
Boeing "Bird of Prey UCAV".

Plane made in the shape of a goose.
450 bird
Boeing 450.

USA zionflag
USA zionist flag

The revised American flag.
Swastika in BBC image
Swastika in BBC image
A swastika has been inserted in an inconspicious way in a map of the world on the BBC website.
USA zionflag
Mobile surveillance van in London

With this van, the English authorities spy on the people in the streets of London. Would any pickpocket be caught by it? Doubt it...
Zapruder footage of Kennedy murder
Zapruder footage of the murder of J.F. Kennedy

See this really good online video and analysis of the Zapruder footage. See for yourself the driver did not shoot Kennedy...
USA school raid
USA school raid

This is how kids are treated in a completely mad fascist police state...
USA school raid
USA school raid

The police raid occured at a school in South Carolina, filmed in detail by surveillance cameras. Find the whole story here.


Nokia 666
Nokia 666.

3 times 6 (666) lines in Nokia's logo.
Alfa Romeo logos
Alfa Romeo logos.

Historical overview of the Alfa Romeo logo which shows a templar's cross and a dragon/serpent eating a human being... It seems it's based on the coat of arms of the Romeo family.
Jason & Medea
Jason & Medea.

The Romeo coat of arms may well have been based on the story of Jason and Medea.
Jason & Medea tekst
Jason & Medea text.

Text for the Jason & Medea pict (in Dutch).
Chevron logo
Chevron logo.
This logo is actually a 3 dimensional image, not a 2 dimensional one. It represents 2 boxes, one on top of the other, symbolizing the idea of one entity controlling the other, i.e. the ruler controlling those below him. This symbol is called a chevron, and it can be found in old Egyptian art, but most notably in military and police insignia (generally on the shoulders or arm).
Dutch police logo
Dutch police logo.

In this logo of the Dutch police, we find the chevron boxes (though stylized) with the eternal flame. Thus combining 2 major illuminati symbols!
Exxon logo
Exxon logo.
The Exxon logo carries the double cross of the House of Loraine.
Vodafone logo
Vodafone logo.

While this logo appears to be based on the quote letter character(s), it also conveniently represents the oroubouros, a snake biting in his tail...
All seeing eye as on dollar
All seeing eye as on dollar.

This is the all seeing eye as represented on the US dollar. The following 7 logos all refer to the all seeing eye.
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments.
Information Awareness Office logo
Information Awareness Office logo.

Flagrant freemason symbolism, from the American KGB...
CBS logo.

Not only is the all seeing eye represented here, the white of the eye forms a vesica pisces.
AOL all seeing eye
AOL all seeing eye.

Here the "O" represents the all seeing eye as in the pyramid. "Coincidently" AOL can also be pronounced as "owl", the bird that symbolizes Moloch for the Illuminati.
AOL all seeing eye
AOL all seeing eye.
AOL all seeing eye
AOL all seeing eye.
Ameritrade logo.

The "A" shows an abstract version of the all seeing eye on the pyramid.
Chrysler logo
Chrysler logo.
This logo is based on the Egyptian winged disk.
Egyptian winged disk
Egyptian winged disk.

British Telecom
British Telecom.

As if it were a coincidence, a snake is depicted, forming a leg and arm of the figure.
British Telecom snake only
British Telecom snake only.

The snake symbolizes a.o. the brotherhood of the snake, and reptilian influences in general.
Texaco logo
Texaco logo.
A Tau in a pentagram. Depicted in this way it forms a very occult symbol.
Windows 13
Windows 13.

Showing 6 rows of 13 fields ("black & white"). 13 being the number of the Luciferian revolt, and of particularly great importance to freemasonry.
UN logos
UN logos.

Various logos for several organisations related to the UN. Much of the standard masonic symbolism.
UN logos
UN logos.

Various logos for several organisations related to the UN. Much of the standard masonic symbolism.

Subliminal images

Demon on background of elections TV
Demon on background.

During a TV broadcast of the presidential election 2000 things were made to show a demon on the background a debate.
Demon on background of elections TV
Demon on background, zoom.

Not a hoax and possibly very devastating. They can be everywhere: all over Europe, USA and even the Pacific... When you have the chance of seeing some blue sky, then look up, within 24 to 48 hours (generally) you will see some... Typically, they don't do this over f.i. the African deserts, where rain would be more than welcome...

Please note however that not ALL the trails you see in the sky are chemtrails. There may well be a good percentage of genuine contrails that can also be very long, spread out and even provoke cloud formation. Even grid patterns can be explained by the air traffic controler's aim at letting planes fly through seperate flight corridors. Trail interruptions can be explained by trails forming at the top of temperature "waves", but only after the plane is out of sight.

So how to tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail? At present there are no clearly identified indicators, other than when seeing a plane that has "condensation" coming from other places than its engines...

Chemtrails over Bijlmer
Chemtrails over the Bijlmer.

A very typical chemtrails grid laid over a suburb of Amsterdam.
Chemtrails cloud
Chemtrails cloud.

After the grid has been laid, this is what follows from it.
Chemtrails UK Manchester
Chemtrails over Manchester, UK.

Another characteristic sight.
Chemtrails in the UK
Chemtrails in the UK.

Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border
Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border.

Step 1: spray some trails.
Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border
Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border.

Step 2: provoke cloud formation.
Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border
Chemtrails near the French-Swiss border.

Step 3: make cloud formation massive. An hour or so later no blue sky will be visible anymore...
Chemtrails over Portland 2003-01
Chemtrails over Portland, USA, 2003-01.

Massive spraying of chemtrails in the USA.
Chemtrails over Santa Fe, 1999, Nov 30
Chemtrails over Santa Fe, USA, 1999, Nov 30.

A very obvious chemtrails grid.
Chemtrails in the USA, 2002-Jan
Chemtrails in the USA, 2002-Jan.

More obvious chemtrails grid spraying.
Chemtrail interrupted
Interrupted chemtrail, Colorado, USA.

Contrails don't do this! Here, the pilot switched off the spraying for a moment.
Chemtrails mega sprayer
Chemtrails mega sprayer.

This plane is a mega chemtrails sprayer, spraying broader trails than earlier models. It can clearly be seen that the trail comes from along the entire wings - i.e. their hidden tube system - not just the engines.
Chemtrails mega sprayer
Chemtrail plane.

An odd picture of a plane that is spraying something from its belly. While this may be the picture of some test, it shows that spraying can be done in this way...
Satelite picture Chemtrails over Germany
Chemtrails over Germany.

This satelite picture clearly shows how the chemtrails result in a highly anomalous cloud formation.
Chemtrails over Wales and part of France
Chemtrails over Wales and part of France.

Satelite picture.
Chemtrails over North Sea
Chemtrails over the North Sea.

Photographed from an AWACS plane.
Satelite picture Chemtrails over France
Chemtrails over France.

Satelite picture of some part of France (near a mountain formation).
Satalite picture Chemtrails over Pacific
Chemtrails over the Pacific Ocean.

It's no use anymore to run to a pacific island, there they have chems too... As photographed by satellite.
Chemtrails technique
Chemtrails technique.

This is how the chemtrails are used to heat up the air and change the weather...
Marc Filterman.
Chemtrails buster
Chemtrails buster.

This nifty device makes the chemtrails disapear in less than 10 minutes. A must!
Chemtrails buster
Chemtrails buster at work.

This is how it looks soon after it's started. This model can clear an area with a radius of 120 miles (193.03 km).
Chemtrails buster from top
Chemtrails buster seen from top.

The device can easily be built for just 200/300 Euros. You can find its blueprint as well as where to obtain kits and read all about it here.
Chemtrails buster from top
Anti-chemtrails ad.

This anti-chemtrails ad was broadcasted in Canada.

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